Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little Nippers

An entry for  MYWORLD

My grandson is somewhere in this picture. Little Nippers play on the beach, all the time learning to be future Life-Savers. Even if they never continue on to saving lives, they learn important skills from the dedicated young people who teach them. This beach, a short way from us, is called Redhead.


In Australia, in the Summer,
'All the world's a beach' they say.
Here are Little Nippers for you,
'Surfing' in a special way.
In the future we may find them
Saving lives, but, just for now,
They are having fun together.
Little Nippers!
Take a bow!


Baruch said...

That is such a fun way of learning how to be water wise.

Jane Hards Photography said...

Now that was an aw shucks cute post.

Margaret Gosden said...

I love the photo, shadows 'an all, and the program for little nippers. Well said.

penny said...

They all look like they are having a wonderful day at the beach.

Louise said...

I love the idea of swimming lesson in the surf, not a pool. I guess if there was an ocean near, we might have that, too, but alas, there is not.

Please be so kind to remember to put your country with your name when you link from the My World Tuesday site so everyone knows where they are visiting. I'll fix it for you today.

Thanks so much for your participation!

maryt/theteach said...

As we over here in the US move into Spring, you move into Fall, probably the best time of year in Australia. I can't wait to go to the ocean again! Thank you for sharing Your World! :)

Arija said...

Thanks for joining my world...I got fo find yourpretty ditties this way. Always nice to meet another word smith.
Thr littlr nippers are so cute and water safety first is a good rule to stick to.

Anonymous said...

This is so cute! Great and fun way to learn to swim and be future life savers. Thanks for this cute photo!

Anonymous said...

what a precious picture of the little nippers...and how wonderful there is such a program for them to enjoy and learn about the sea and safety at the same time.
thanks for sharing.

enjoyed your poem too ;)

Kat said...

Loved the twist to the 'stage'
'All the world's a beach' they say.