Wednesday, March 4, 2009

323.Yellow Yearning.

'Bananas in Pajamas' are popular characters on Australian Children's TV.


All through the sombre War Years
One fruit was on my mind!
And I didn't want to make-do
With fruit of another kind.
'When will we get bananas, Mum?'
That was my refrain,
'When will we get bananas, Mum?'
Circling in my brain.
I suppose there were many apples
And of course the blackberries grew,
But bananas were so exotic:
Only bananas would do.
I imagined how the taste would be....
Absolutely divine!
And I longed and longed and longed and longed
To make a banana mine!
But, of course, they were a luxury,
Not a cargo essential,
And year by year my banana dream
Grew ever more reverential.
Then came the day! The War was won!
No more were we deprived!
And one day came the announcement
'Bananas have arrived!'
There was only one per family,
But everyone agreed
That mine was the major passion;
Mine could be the first feed.
Oh how I longed to eat it then,
Straightway where I stood!
But showing-off to the other girls......
Wow! That would be good!
So I packed it in my school-bag
Away from prying eyes.
(I wanted my revelation
To be a complete surprise.)
Came recess and I flourished it
For everyone to see!
No-one else had a banana!
How lucky could one be!
The others stood in a circle,
With wide admiring eyes,
As I 'unzipped' my banana
And held aloft my prize!
Then, very very slowly
I took my very first bite.
Everyone watched me eat it!
What promise of delight!
And I didn't even like it!
It seemed all thick and woolly!
It's taken quite a while for me
To appreciate it fully!
I learnt the word 'anticlimax'
That fatal day, at lunch.
In fact I felt quite peevish
As I said
'Thanks! Thanks a bunch!'


Jinksy said...

Many roads are better, while being travelled, that their final destination when reached. ! x

Reader Wil said...

What a wonderful rime, Brenda! I like it!

Carolina said...

What a lovely Yellow poem. I know what you mean about banana's being thick and wooly. I know they are healthy, but somehow I can never eat a whole banana. You know: my horse lóves bananas. And our dogs do too.

Kat said...

With all the earlier build up... Your anti-climax at school, was our great-climax..!!!! :)))

Chubskulit Rose said...

Great poem!

Sweet Smile for Mellow Yellow Monday.

Kim, USA said...

Lovely poem....thanks for sharing!


Coffeedoff said...

Great poem and yellow photo!