Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Do not read if at all squeamish!
Nuff said!

Something a little 'off' for ABC WEDNESDAY letter 'I'

My photographic effort is on my PLUS blog reached from this page.


I feel I want to run and hide
When I consider my inside;
All the bits I've never seen;
Duodenum, liver, spleen.
All those little bits and pieces,
Indentations, bumps and creases!
Every little hidden place
Must be ageing like my face!
Secretly, inside my body,
They are growing rather shoddy!
Once so plump, so bright, so pink
Now they're hovering on the brink.
I see my face in the looking-glass
And think how quickly all things pass.
Then I swoop inside in imagination,
And picture further degradation!
If my spleen were preserved in formaldihyde,
(Preferably not before I'd died!)
Would it be put out on display
As proof of the body's sad decay?
Would a notice say 'An ancient spleen
Compared with a spleen at seventeen!'
Oh the ignominy of that!
To be examined and chortled at!
I feel I want to run and hide
When I consider my inside.


Rune Eide said...

Since i have had a heart transplant I have now problems with reading this... :-)

Janie said...

I don't worry about my insides too much, as long as they work. Unfortunately, my outside is looking a bit shabby, too! Cute verse!

photowannabe said...

You certainly have a way with words. Haven't thought about my insides quite that way before. Don't think I want my inners chortled at either.

Anonymous said...

I found it wonderfully humorous! What a great idea for I.

Tumblewords: said...

Laughing. Laughing. Oh, wait a minute. I shouldn't be laughing without first considering what condition my inners must be in and the ignominy of chortling. Oh, no, not I. Fun post!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! That's funny!

Sadly I know what all those things look like .. at least when they belong to dogs and cats, and I doubt they're much different.

pictureeachday said...

hehe, clever! And some food for thought..