Saturday, March 7, 2009

326. Unfair Dismissal!


This pictorial suggestion came from SIMPLY SNICKERS this week. I apologise to those who find my response irreverent!


If God created everything,
Then he created me!
He gave me a slow, pedestrian brain
Bogged down in reality.
It was quite a different case with Saul,
For he was a Chosen One,
Though his youth was not propitious
When all is said and done.
It seems he viewed the Christians
As something less than dirt
And saw the followers of Christ
As people to convert.
However, the Road to Damascus
Was the site of his miracle cure,
And God created this famous scene,
Some people are quite sure.
Now, He either gave Saul the type of brain
To cope with things mysterious,
Or else He actually sent a Light,
Blinding and quite imperious.
In either case a change of heart
Was rapid and extreme;
Saul suddenly realised that Christ
Was God who reigned supreme.
He changed his name from Saul to Paul,
He threw off all his fetters,
And from henceforth he spread the Word
In deeds and speech and letters.
Fortunate Saul, to be picked-out
For this quite amazing act!
I'll never see a blinding light
And change! And that's a fact.
For God, if indeed he made my brain,
Has bogged it down in sludge;
Seeing both sides of questions
And disinclined to budge!
I'll never see a vision.
(Well, I haven't up to now).
Humdrum facts, it seems,
Are all that brains like mine allow!
When it comes to religious yearnings
I'm afraid my cupboard's bare!
So, if it's true God made my brain,
Is He completely fair?


Margaret Gosden said...

I like the way you have illustrated this poem with Michaelangelo's explosive fresco The Conversion of St. Paul. c.1550, at the Vatican Palace, Cappella Paolina.

I believe more in the inheritance of genes and influences of environmental and early developmental
expriences than in what a god chose to bestow upon me.

Margaret Gosden said...

PS.... ...experience from which one can extricate oneself on recognising the power within to do so, with the help of external resources available. That is what the christian position is but preachers seldom point out that "life" (the free inner creative life part of it), not god, teaches us how to live it. So, it is life itself, it is often said, just plain ain't fair!

Mari Meehan said...

God may have made your brain but there are a whole lot of people in the world he totally over looked. Lol.

The Write Girl said...


I was checking out your site from the Simply Snickers blog. I love the feel to your site with the music. I also enjoyed your poem. You pose some philosophical questions in this piece and convey a very unique sentiment with the image above.

Kat said...

My Dear Child,
Your call is to write
lots and lots of poems
for your blends...
Please be assured, you're doing a wonderful job.
(God asked me tell you the above)