Sunday, March 1, 2009

Extra! Extra!

My computer, yesterday,
Decided it wouldn't come out to play.
When I tried to switch it on
I found the spark of life had gone!
Helpful fellow came and fiddled,
Opened-up the thing and twiddled.
Then, oh then, it was revealed!
The shame which had been so concealed!
(I tell you this because I must!)
My problem, blogging friends, was DUST!
Now I am not domesticated,
And this fact I have often stated,
But I swear I wield a duster
With all the verve that I can muster!
Our house is reasonably clean,
Often with a polished sheen,
But the dust inside my sullen beast
For months and months had just increased!
He dusted all the bits and pieces
And then, well, wonder never ceases!
The creature purred and came to life!
A simple end to all my strife.
But I got some good advice from Ben;
'Blow air through the workings now and then.
Buy compressed air in a can
And squirt air all around the fan.
And carpet doesn't do much good.
Stand your tower on a block of wood.'
Maybe all this is known by you,
People who always know what to do,
But to me it was a revelation,
Accepted without hesitation.
(I was charged a mighty fee!
But I give you this advice for FREE!)


Leslie said...

Thanks, for the tip, I shudder to think what mine is like inside !!!Maybe that is why the computer I have "acts up" sometimes. I will get some canned air the very next time I go shopping..
I hope it okay that I follow your blog. I am a 70 yr. young with 6 grandchildren and 2 great grand children.
Hugs ~~~~Leslie

Patty said...

LOL, Abe is always blowing out his computer with canned air. Sometimes he does mine to, but I keep mine sitting on my desk, I use to keep one on the floor, because it was so big, but got tired of bending over and practically standing on my head to put in a disc. One I have now is a small HP does not take up much room on my desk.

Margaret Gosden said...

Well, I'm so glad you got that sorted out! You should see the blog I posted today, STREETS PAVED WITH GUM....and you may find it easier to comment now!

Lucy said...

so glad u are up and running
your poems are always so much fun.

Kat said...

Great to know that the creature atlast had a air-bath..!!! and purring away.