Monday, March 9, 2009

328.Lover's Leap!


Oh the romance of it! I could weep
When I see this gorgeous Lover's Leap!
Weep with joy that such emotion
Such desire and such devotion
Could lead to gymnastics such as this;
All, maybe, for one brief kiss!
I never inspired a man or boy
To demonstrate this; a jump for joy.
I was lucky if they shuffled,
If their romantic words were muffled,
If they seemed a bit half-hearted
When romance (with a small 'r') started.
I was grateful for a peck,
Though I hoped for pearls around my neck!
But dangerous dreams stopped me from sleeping;
Dreams of young men wildly leaping!
They never did, but I'm consoled
By the fact that not all this tale is told.....

When she's frowsty, lined and plump,
Will he still jump when she says 'Jump!'


Margaret Gosden said...

Only to be found in ballet and opera, alas!

What happened to that wonderful idea someone once had of adding social dancing to afterschool actvivites - a far cry from the romantic leap - but 'those boys', dear mothers, have to start sooner than they do somewhere!

Shannon said...

what a lovely poem and shot! Do they belong to you?

Mari Meehan said...

I should suppose he would were he frowsty, lined and plump too!

Darlene said...

I love the last line. A bit of irony there, Brenda?

zuveena said...

I love your poem...its great..awesome....

Kat said...

Jump.. jump... jump
Jump.. jump... jump
Jump.. jump... jump
Jump.. jump... jump