Tuesday, March 24, 2009


                   Ridgway Knight


I daydream nearly all the time!
But is that really such a crime?
When in the shower a thought appears,
Just as I'm washing behind my ears,
Cleanliness takes second place;
I shower at a slower pace;
I end up only half-way clean
But feeling hopeful and serene,
For I have cured so many ills,
And I've 'danced among the daffodils'.
Going shopping, I'm inefficient,
My attitude is quite deficient!
I toddle along with my little trolly,
Sometimes, maybe, I'm melancholy;
But in the very nicest way,
Maybe humming 'Yesterday'.
Instead of working out a plan
Concerning a pie or tomorrow's flan,
I am, instead, engrossed in thought
But not of a simple shopping sort!
I'm dreaming dreams and writing stuff!
Who cares if the meat I buy is tough?
I've cured the ills of the world, you know,
Merely toddling to and fro!
I've written novels in my mind,
Of a very deep and cryptic kind.
I've daydreamed about each passer-by;
Is this one brash? Is that one shy?
I'm writing, analysing, scheming.
Never call it 'just daydreaming!'


Margaret Gosden said...

Thank heavens for people who can write prose, poetry and music, and about daydreaming. It is a side of life that many can't do, wish they could but, instead, lap it all up comfortably to fill the gaps of inability. I no longer wish I could, at last enjoying the gifts of others and, in turn, feeling what I do is filling someone else's gap. Age has its rewards as some ambitions drop by the wayside. I thought of the first person who played Miss Marple when I read this!

Darlene said...

Daydreaming is a lifelong habit with me. Thanks to your cute poem I can now blame my forgetfulness on something other than old age.

Patty said...

I can remember day dreaming a lot when I was younger, but I really don't think I do that anymore. Maybe I should try.

Sylvia K said...

Oh, I still daydream! Probably silly at my age, but who cares??? It's fun and like Darlene says, it gives me something else to blame my forgetfulness on other than my age!

Arija said...

Hear hear! Tough meat may be cured, yet dreams undreamt leave one forlorn.

Kat said...

Rightly put...

Never call it 'just daydreaming!
I'm writing, analysing, scheming

Can hear the whirrrr of the prallel processing..!!!