Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Up To No Good!

My friend, Margaret  (we met over sixty years ago!) published this today at

And this is my response. I couldn't resist it! And it's true!

It has been my observation
And my due consideration
That the human body's best left well alone!
And I'd like to send a caution
To these experts at contortion!
Don't you think your act is somewhat overblown?
For, one day, you will be fifty,
And you won't look quite so nifty!
And you'll wonder why your back is feeling sore!
Later on you will be eighty,
(Maybe somewhat over-weighty!)
And you won't be doing press-ups any more!
Then along will come arthritis,
There may even be phlebitis,
All resulting from this foolish undertaking.
And you'll rub on embrocation
Just to ease the situation,
But I doubt if it will take-away the aching.
Now, take someone such as me,
Indolent as one can be...
In my youth I couldn't even catch a ball!
Couldn't run and couldn't jump;
I was even slightly plump!
And I haven't any aches and pains at all!
While those friends who were so sporty,
Sort of wildly tennis-courty,
Are chuntering away about their twinges,
And, in the illustration,
You see a situation
Which is doing awful damage to the hinges!
Now contortion may be fun
But it's not for everyone,
And most of us are better off in bed!
My message to all youth
Is the fact that it's the truth.....
No good will come from standing on your head!


Arija said...

Oh, I did enjoy this one...LOL, and so jolly true too.

Kat said...

:))))))) With your clever rimes, you can nearly convince someone against their will..!!!!

Loved the advice recommending to stand on tail..!!!

Cheryl Cato said...

Very cute. I admit, I've been quite active in my life and now some of it is catching up to me. But, I'm still going, exercising, playing golf; no more riding horses or jogging (not much of the jogging ever for me). At 62 I've still got some get-up-and-go, but aches & pains as well from time to time.