Monday, March 16, 2009

To the Point!

HEADS OR TAILS prompts us to write about something connected with 'POINT'.
 I hope a pointed remark will do!


Tom worked at the grocery check-out to earn some extra cash.
And he found some customers difficult, boorish, morose or brash.
He was used to being tactful and letting such matters pass,
Though he sometimes found situations tended to verge on farce.
But he wasn't prepared for Elvira, who stood in the line one day!
For one thing she had no manners, pushing others out of the way.
Her voice was harsh and screeching, expletives she kept bawling,
Her language was from the gutter and her manners were appalling.
Two little boys were with her, one was six and one was nine;
They were squabbling and pushing and fighting  in the line.
Elvira slapped them round the ears, and shouted 'Shut your face!'
All in all the family was an absolute disgrace.
At last they reached the check-out and Tom had had enough;
He knew this certain customer would make his job more tough.
'Get on with it!' Elvira cried 'I can't stand here all day!'
And that's when Tom decided on exactly what he'd say,
For he knew he must say something to even up the score.....
And so he said ' You have two boys.They must be twins for sure!'
'Twins!' yelled Elvira, spluttering, 'Are you right off your head!
Can't you see one's older! You're an idiot!' she said.
'What made you say a thing like that! You're talking stupid rot!
Can't you see Brad's nine years old and Damien is not!'

Then came the very pointed remark; (all right, it isn't nice!)

'I just can't believe that anyone could ever make love to you twice!'


Anonymous said...

Well said!!! and good music by the way

Anonymous said...


Kim said...

lmao! well said. :] if you get a chance, swing past my blog and read my HoT. :]

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! He got his point across didn't he!

anthonynorth said...

Great ending. I'll have to remember that one :-)

Hootin Anni said...

This dear. . . is the best point ever!!! I so love it. Yay to Tom. High five. He sooooooo got points from me on this one.


Barb said...

Having been witness to many "Elviras" in stores over the years I have to applaud Tom's remark!

My son was a cashier many years ago. One day a man with a young son came the check out. The little boy was throwing canned goods at my son! My son, always polite, asked the father to please have his son stop. The father just laughed and said "boys will be boys."

My son walked away. He went to his manager and told her why. She did not make him finish checking out that guy.

Thanks for playing.

Tumblewords: said...

Perfect point! Love it...

Tricia said...

Love it! My first job after babysitting was as a cashier in a grocery store. I shudder just thinking about what people consider acceptable public behavior, gosh most of it I wouldn't even do or say in private.

Tabbikat's Thoughts

Shannon said...

I LOVE this.. TOO funny! It really is important to think about the impression you are making on others! ;)

Bee Bee said...

hahaha, this was hilarious!
serves the lady (well, not very ladylike, I must say) quite right.

Kat said...

probably someone else did the second mistake :)))) ( I hope no one reads this)