Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Extra: The Shallows

The Pacific Ocean leads into Lake Macquarie, near us. I was given a joy-flight, as a birthday gift, some time ago, and I was enchanted by the view.

WATERY WEDNESDAY has inspired this blog.


View the lake when on the land;
Sameness spreads on every hand.
A brilliant hue but almost bland,
So unrevealing.
View the lake from up on high!
See reflections of the sky,
Even clouds that are passing by!
Much more appealing!

How many colours can you see
From this aloft reality?
Three? Or maybe fifty-three?
All hidden treasure!
Ancient man never saw this sight;
Only birds in their soaring flight,
Saw the shallows picked-out, bright.
What a modern pleasure!


Darlene said...

Beautiful photo and beautiful poetic description. Wonderful, Brenda.

Kat said...

When in earth, we are caught amidst the trees..
When we soar, we see the forest?
So I felt, reading this cute poem.

How nice to be given a joy-flight, as birthday gift.

penny said...

This is a fantastic photo from your joy-flight. What a great birthday memory.

Bryan said...

Great aerial shot of the lake!

Guy D said...

Great photo Brenda, thanks for sharing.

Regina In Pictures

EG CameraGirl said...

It looks so beautiful from the air!

Jane said...

Nice shot, beautiful waters.

Kathy W said...

That would be a really neat birthday present. I've never seen the ocean. Great shot. =) Hope you have a great day.

Gill - That British Woman said...

what a super photo,

Gill in Canada

Jim said...

Great shot.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing birthday present - Ah You're so lucky!!! Fantastic scene too!

Connie T. said...

That is a beautiful view.

Anonymous said...

That is a fantastic view. What a treat to be up high looking down on those beautiful colors in the ocean. Great shot!