Friday, March 13, 2009

Extra! Mike!

Michael is my cousin's son. He has just spent seven weeks with us in Australia. (Here he is, days ago, fishing with my daughter.) I have just heard that on his first day back at work in Dover, UK, his motor-bike skidded on an oil-slick and he broke his collar-bone and wrecked his Achilles Tendon!!! He 's going to be out of circulation for eight weeks!
Poor old Mike, indeed!


Poor old Mike!
He fell off his bike!
Collar-bone broke!
That's no joke!
Leg in plaster!
What a disaster!
Yes! Mike fell!
We wish him well!


Patty said...

Here's wishing Mike well from Ohio, USA. I'm glad nothing more serious than what he's recovering from. Beautiful daughter.

Unknown said...

That's serious, but it could have been worse. He'll be ready to go in no time!

Margaret Gosden said...

What an awful let down so soon after his holiday with you all. At any time really. Hope he can think positive about still having a life. Not an easy recuperation period ahead. Go for the physical therapy opportunities - it helps enormously. From one who knows!

Winifred said...

Best wishes to Mike for a speedy recovery.

Typical isn't it! He goes all that way around the world and comes home to an accident. Can't even blame the blinkin' weather!

Kat said...

Get-Well-Soon wishes to Mike.
Globally, Oil business is truly slippery.