Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Sometimes colour overwhelms us;
It dazzles and explodes!
Our senses reel with brilliance;
Colour  strains and overloads.
It's just like someone shouting
Or a clarion-call that's brash.
'Look at me!' it bellows,
'I can sparkle! I can flash!'
'I'm RED!' you'll hear it jangle;
'I'm ORANGE!' hear it yell.
Yet we sometimes yearn for shades
As soft as those inside a shell.
This beautiful mosaic
Is gentle on the mind.
We can quietly peruse it
And see what we can find.
It's very beige is soothing;
It's texture finger-felt.
We enjoy the shapes and shadings
That mix and meld and melt.
Can you find the pieces
Of the pottery and tile?
The oyster shells and pearls
That once grew closely for a while?
The crystal and the marble
Now so smoothly intertwined?
White turquoise? There's a wonder
That's very hard to find.
And there's something called a microbead
Nestling in this scene;
Something small and round and bright
And neat and beige and clean.
This is a tactile picture.
Were it in vivid hues
We might gain in intensity
But, oh, what we would lose!


Margaret Gosden said...

Aa I have commented in response to Rinkley's comments about my piece called BEYOND SEQUENTIAL THOUGHT, this is a great example, in rime, in how to appreciate art! Art is often about going beyond sequential thought.

Kat said...

Apart from VIBGYOR colours, you can paint something so interesting for all other colours too..!!! The poem was as soft and melodious as the Beige beauty..!!!

eyeography said...

Oh..this is such a beautiful poem...
I love it :)

Tumblewords: said...

A soothing melding, to be sure!

The Write Girl said...

What a creative poem...I like the ideas of all the colors fighting for our attention. Love the rhyme and flow.

ms pie said...

tactile is altogether different and enjoy the subtle difference from as you say brilliant colors...

Amanda Moore said...

this really appealed to me for several reasons first off your so right we can become overwhelmed sometimes by a bombardment of vivid or outrageous colors. Second because the flow of the poem was wonderful, third I am a rockhound (gem & mineral society) so including the types of stone appealed to me as well. This was a real treat to read!

Patti said...

Just lovely- this interpretation of meld that you have included- thank you!