Saturday, March 21, 2009

All About Eve

SUNDAY SCRIBBLINGS asks us to complete the phrase 'I Come From.....'.

My contribution goes back rather far and is very sexist. But who cares? 

Warning: not to be used for serious study!!!!!!


I'm proud of my mitochondria! It's my most important feature!
You pronounce it MY-TOE-CON-DREA! (I used to be a teacher!)
They are cells inside each nucleus, with a very special history,
And, until only recently, their function was a mystery.
Males have mitochondria, but for the shortest term;
In fact they only have them to energise the sperm.
They're not part of the embryo; they simply fade away;
There's simply nothing left at all to fight another day!
Whereas their female counterpart, in the egg that 'we' supply,
Lives on and on and on and on! In fact it will never die!
Our female mitochondria (so scientists believe)
Has remained unchanged in humanity since the time of the first Eve!
Yes, girls, inside our bodies lie 'fossils', living still,
Something quite intriguing, not in Jack, but just in Jill!
One hundred and forty thousand years ago the first 'Eve' showed her face;
Her remains were found in Africa, in a wild deserted place.
And scientists discovered, (and didn't they exclaim!),
That her mitrochondria and ours were practically the same!
I come from a line of women! Like all my sister-kind!
Though I must admit that with male-type genes we've always been combined!
How do I complete 'I come from……'? Well, I seriously believe

That I come from a certain lady
Known as the African Eve!


TJ said...

Bravo! Take a bow! That was a concert of truths to be understood.
I loved this...TJ

anthonynorth said...

Science made poetic. Nicely done.

June said...

What fun!
It is my opinion that in your teaching days, you must have been very different from the general run. ;-)

Anonymous said...

real lessons in life and sciences too ;)

Elizabeth said...

Amusing....and intelligent at the same time.
You really have a gift for light verse!

Margaret Gosden said...

I like that - I have often wondered from which Eve I am descended.

Tumblewords: said...

Clever take on the prompt - it hasn't been an easy trip - the getting here! Nice post.

Anonymous said...

That was great! And it's fascinating to think on, isn't it?

danni said...

love this line of thought, just love it! --- must be where my vixen hides when she doesn't get out to play --- i so admire your facility with verse - alwats so original and fresh!!!!!

Kat said...

Possibel to identify from the 'chatter' ? :D