Friday, March 6, 2009

325. Dietary Diatribe

A little gem from my husband's Historic Car magazine! Needless to say the membership of the Club is predominantly male!


The expert stood at the dais
And firmly pontificated.
'You are what you eat, my friends' he said,
'As I have often stated.
Those  extra calories today
Will haunt you all your life!
Think of your future every time
You pick up a fork and knife!
You lay down lots of trouble
Eating rubbish every day.
Once it is in your system,
It rarely goes away.
Can anybody in the hall
Come up with some ideas
Of foods that you may eat today
That will haunt your future years?'
An old man in the centre
Quickly raised his hand.
'Ah, someone with an answer!'
Said the Speaker. 'That's just grand.
So tell us something to avoid
For our future comfort's sake.'
'Well, said the elderly gentleman.

'I reckon it's Wedding Cake!'


Jinksy said...


Reader Wil said...

A dieting sexist indeed! Well who wants to share a wedding cake with him, anyway! Great poem and funny too!

Mari Meehan said...

I was thinking of Bacchu'ss current diet of little more than hot dogs and sausages as I read this. It's all he'll eat. But the punch line is wonderful.

Kat said...

Punch Line ?
It punches the MANkind, very well..!!!!