Monday, September 29, 2008

143 Don't Bank on It! (9/26)

The present turmoil in our financial markets, worldwide, is hardly amusing, but I feel I must comment in a jocular fashion! What else is there to do?


I'm a Wall Street Banker.
I've made some Big Mistakes
But the Government will help me out!
One call is all it takes!
I can still live in my mansion;
I can still eat caviar.
I can still buy diamonds for my wife
And drive a fancy car.
I pass the empty houses
And people sleeping rough,
I see their awful suffering,
But I just don't give a stuff!
They say that I'm responsible
For all the grief and pain,
But, if the Government sees me right,
I can do it all again!


Mari Meehan said...

The government isn't seeing him right today!

Kat said...

The last line is so powerful - "...I can do it all again!"

one has to go back to reading the poem from the second line on what this banker can do "all again"..!!!