Friday, September 5, 2008

117. Miss Robbye's Hobby

I wrote this poem for Darlene, a 'blend' of mine (see my 'Blendly' poem) whose Blog I've 'mislaid! If she reminds me of who she is I'll give her due credit! Darlene described how she misses an old gardening friend whom she knew as Miss Robbye. I wonder how many Bloggers remember a time when older friends, known quite intimately, were always addressed as Mr or Mrs. Now First Names are used indiscriminately.


A name that has an old-world chime....
Miss Robbye.
It takes us back to a gentler time......
Miss Robbye.
Once Christian names were used by few,
Only relations, one or two,
People who intimately knew
Miss Robbye.

Her first name must have signified
Her hobby.
Gardens and flowers were her pride,
Her hobby.
Maybe her parents called her Rose,
Poppy, Iris, one of those.
Her name was certain to disclose
Her hobby.

Your hundredth birthday comes and goes,
Miss Robbye.
And time and tide forever flows.
Miss Robbye.
Today your seeds are saved and sown
Your plants have multiplied and grown
And how I wish that I had known
Miss Robbye.


Reader Wil said...

This is a wonderful tribute to miss Robbye. One sentence struck me in particular. It is:Once Christian names were used by few,
Only relations, one or two.

Being introduced to my daughter's friends, young and old, I noticed that I only heard their Christian names and I still don't know their family names, except when there are two or more persons of the same first names. I don't mind and everybody I know can call me by my first name. It's more and more the custom over here too.
Thanks for your visit and correcting my mistake: mossies are mosquitoes indeed. In Indonesia mosquitoes and gnats were the same, at least they were both nasty little insects, besides my dictionary is to blame for the mistake. Thanks anyway!

Anonymous said...

Do you not think that the painter of this wonderful picture deserves 'due credit' too? A painting, particularly used as an illustration, is not only as valid as the poem itself but, as is intended, serves to heighten interest in the blending of the verbal and the visual. Anonymous

Marina said...

Thanks for visiting (Mrs) Brenda! I know that many Greeks live in Australia and especially in Melbourn. My husband has been in Australia in 1988. He visited all the big cities of your country.
By the way your poem is wonderful!Thanks for sharing with us:)

Anonymous said...

PS The painting looks like a Monet, but is it? Can anyone confirm? Since your tribute is also about names, it seems like a relevant question for the topic! Anonymous

Rinkly Rimes said...

I'll find out. I have a habit of just clicking on 'images' (they're usually clipart) and I'm in too much of a hurry to delve. I will in future and I'll look up this one. I think it's lovely, but I never trust my own judgement where art is concerned!

Anonymous said...

I think it is lovely, too. Trust yourself! I do like the way the irises in the foreground blend upwards into the pattern of the dress. I am sure I have seen this painting somewhere recently, but my memory fails me and that is scary!!! Anonymous