Monday, September 29, 2008

Still Waiting!


I know I'm not good looking and I know I've had my day,

But I've had a most romantic life...... well, in a sort of way.

I met him at Luna Park one night, when I was just sixteen,

And his lovely Yanky accent made me feel just like a queen.

His hair was thick with Brylcreme and his uniform was smart,

And his fascinating accent stole away my girlish heart.

He bought me lovely nylons and delicious chewing gum,

And I knew that he was serious, so I took him home to mum.

My mum thought he was gorgeous and I knew that he liked her,

And we had a little giggle when he called my father 'Sir'!

I broke with my old boyfriend, Kevin, from down our street;

He was no match for Marvin! How could he compete?

Marvin was so immaculate, so dashing, so divine!

Marvin was so romantic and Marvin was truly mine.

He told me about America and the wonders that were there,

And he said he liked Veronica Lake, so that's how I did my hair.

He told me about his Cadillac and his Oil Wells and his Yacht,

And he said that they would all be mine the day we tied the knot.

Oh yes, he said he loved me and I adored him back,

And I dreamed of driving through my life in his great white Cadillac.

We planned a thrilling future with a Hollywood honeymoon,

And it seemed to me our wedding day couldn't come too soon.

But VJ day arrived instead and Marvin had to go!

He sailed into the sunset, almost a lifetime ago.

Since then, I've just been waiting, patiently, day by day.

I've never looked at another man. Is he faithful, the same way?

I admit he doesn't write much! ...... Well, he never writes at all.

And he's never, ever phoned me. But one day I'll get that call.

He may look a little different; there may be a touch of grey;

He may even have a little paunch, but I'll love him anyway.

I've been retired a while now and I've got a little flat,

And I lead a very happy life with my budgie and my cat.

Some folk have their grandkids that they talk about with pride,

But I have memories to keep and treasure deep inside.

I know I'm not good looking and I know I've had my day,

But I've had a most romantic life...... well, in a sort of way.


Bear Naked said...

Welcome back Brenda.
You and your wonderful poetry have been missed.
Beautiful job on all the poems that you posted today.
I love your tribute to Paul Newman and I am going to nominate it for A post of the day at David's blog.
Bear((( )))

Mari Meehan said...

Bittersweet. Welcome back. I've missed you.

Kat said...

I liked the poem but not this chap Marvin.

My vote is for my Hero, Thomas Ferris of Beggar's bridge. :)))

Brian Miller said...

wonderfully written...though i am sorry he rode intot he sunset never to return...

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Never to return? OH BOTHER!

JeffScape said...

Well, that was a downer (the poem is lovely, however). You ever learn of Marvin's fate at all?

Colette Amelia said...

Bravo! That was wonderful!