Monday, September 29, 2008

140 Some Baby! (9/23)

There could be just a smidgin of exaggeration about this poem and the photo isn't of me! But old age certainly comes up with some nasty shocks! The original poem doesn't do much for Sex Education I'm afraid! 


Where did you come from, Baby dear?
Out of the everywhere into the here.
Where did you get your eyes so blue?
Out of the sky as I came through
. George MacDonald


Where did you come from, Big Black Hair?

You don't belong and it isn't fair!

My brows have always been neat and pale,

But surely you heard me weep and wail

When I looked in the bathroom mirror this-morning

And there, sticking out, without any warning

Was this black hair all straight and strong

Among the others. It looked all wrong.

Were you hiding there, in my DNA,

Surreptitiously till today?

Were you my destiny, horrid spike,

A facial feature I do not like?

As a tiny baby, pink and placid,

With youthful eyebrows pale and flaccid,

Was there already, in my psyche,

This grotesque thing all black and spiky?

Was it growing year after year

In some crevasse, now to appear?

What else am I growing to scare and shock,

Spurred on by the ticking of life's clock?

You've waited seventy years to grow,

Why so evil? Why so slow?

I'll get the tweezers! I'll defeat you!

I'm determined that I'll beat you.

Get a grip! My! But you're tough!

One pull just doesn't seem enough.

Ouch! That's got you! Out you come!

No more trouble from you, old chum!

Wait a bit! Can this be true?


There wasn't just one Black Hair but two!









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Kat said...

Ho ho ho.... still, isn't an industry thriving to help damsels beautify themselves getting rid of all the things they do not want..!!!