Saturday, September 13, 2008

127. The Gate Keepers

   This poem inspired by SIMPLY SNICKERS and this weekend's prompt......

I have a friend who speaks, forcefully, about The Gate Keepers, those Critics who don't achieve much themselves, but who set themselves up as experts. It's only in my old age that I've dared to admit to liking unfashionable things! So I salute Grandma Moses, who broke the mould!

(I hope the Gate Keepers don't see this!)


They stand and wait;
They Keep the Gate.
And they make haste
To judge our taste.
So who are they
To proudly say....
'We can't begin
To let you in!
We know what's what
And you do not!
You don't know Art.
We're poles apart.
We think your verse
Could not be worse.
You write a tale
That's bound to fail.
Think you can paint?
Artist you ain't!
Your matchstick men?
Nought out of ten!

Real artists! Wow!
They take a bow.
You're no Matisse,
So you must cease.
You're no Renoir;
Poor's what you are.
You're no Van Dyke,
So take a hike.
You're no Turner!
Quit, you Learner.
You're no Van Gogh,
So * * * * * off!
We all concur
You're amateur.
Those on our list
Should not be missed.
But, as for you,
You will not do!
Don't waste your time
On paint and rhyme.'

But Grandma said
'I'll soon be dead,
So tell me why
I shouldn't try.
I'm in a rush
To wield a brush!
Just for a joke
I'll paint the folk
I see each day,
At work and play.
I'll have some fun,
Before I'm done.
And when she dared
She found folk cared.
Those at the gate
Said ' We must state,
Joking apart,
Grandma! You win!
Well let you in!'


Maggie May said...

Very good!
Where is this art work then? We'd like to see it!

linda may said...

Grandma Moses showed em' all. And I would love the self appointed art critics or gate keepers as you call them, to read this.

Mari Meehan said...

Ah, there are Gatekeepers everywhere in all walks of life. Had I had the courage to ignore them when I was younger I wonder what I might have been!

Anonymous said...

Nice poem and true! :-)

Kat said...

Well said Brenda....!!

I won't act I am innocent. I am learning not to be a gate-keeper. A lesson well learnt thro' your poem. A zillion thanks.