Monday, September 29, 2008

145 Glitch! (9/28)

I have attempted to keep my Blogging up-to-date even when I have been 'voiceless'! The date in brackets after each title indicates the date on which the Blog should have been published.

The illustration says it all! Fingers Crossed!


An open letter to my Blends;
(Those Bloggers who are on-line friends)
It all began some time ago.....
My computer grew sluggish and very slow.
It had been off-colour for several days,
Twitching and pausing and in a daze.
Every move seemed hours long.
It was very clear there was something wrong.
Cryptic messages gave a warning
That I would soon go into mourning!
No response to the mouse's click!
I longed to give my friend a kick!
So I was forced to go into purdah.
A Computerless life is absolute murder!
But a man called Shane (who charged a lot!)
Came and said I'd lost the plot!
My modum had simply bitten the dust!
(In Computerland what can one trust!)
Then he didn't come back for days and days!
It seemed we'd gone our separate ways!
Just when I was getting mad
He turned-up with a spare he had.
 He's twiddled and fixed and looked so clever
And he says I'll be on line for ever.
So my Blogs are post-dated (or should it be 'pre'?)
It all seems as easy as ABC.
(Though ABC WEDNESDAY passed me by;
Some of you even wondered why!)
 But at last I'm hoping for happier times.
Yours sincerely, 
Rinkly Rimes.

P.S For Blogging I am lusting
But at least it's meant I've done some dusting!


Mari Meehan said...

"He's twiddled and fixed and looked so clever
And he says I'll be on line for ever."

Until the next time! Lol.

Kat said...

You must write such poem and hang it outside the door even when Shane comes to attend to the Computer..!!

He'd understand the expectations and turn blue on what others would think of him, if he doesn't set right pretty quick.

One shouldn't mess with a poet who has licenes-to-kill..!!! :-))))