Monday, September 29, 2008

144 For Paul (9/27)

His life ran along parallel to mine and I shall miss him.


Your blue eyes smiled disarmingly

Down from the silver screen;

The bluest and most charming eyes

 The world has ever seen.

You were sex-appeal personified,

Allied to a god-like grace.

This dumpy addict spent her time

Gazing at your face.

Yet all's not lost, you still inspire,

And we compensate ourselves

When we see you smiling down on us

From our supermarket shelves.

Fame, good-looks, great acting skill....

They were yours and they are gone,

But your efforts for the poor and weak

Will forever linger on.


Bear Naked said...

RIP Paul
from another fan.

Bear((( )))


So well said. Paul Newman was the greatest! Adieu, Paul.

quilly said...

Ah, one of my first loves ... and a man who deserved to be admired. Hollywood needs more stars like this.

Patty said...

It's a shame you can't send that to his widow, I bet she would love it.