Monday, September 29, 2008

You Take the Cake!


Mother! Why do you bother
To make me birthday cakes?
I know how well you plan them,
How long the cooking takes!
A simple bowl of icing
Would have pleased me just as much.
I could splosh it, squeeze it,splatter it,
Thrill to it's plodgy touch!
I could smear it on my fingers
And rub it on my toes,
I could paint my high chair with it
And stick it up my nose!
I could throw it at my Daddy,
I could drop it on the floor,
I could rub it in the kitten's fur
And,  oh, a great deal more!
You've spent hours in the kitchen
'Cos you think that I'm the best,
But just give me the icing.
You can eat the rest!


Kat said...

If only babies could speak or write poems - this is precisely what they would've told their Moms...!!! Lovely Brenda.

Jae Rose said...

'plodgy' what a wonderful word..very sweet write..Jae :)

Stan Ski said...

You set this out so well!

Amanda said...

How cute...and true!

rel said...

If that doesn't describe the event to a T I don't know what will.
I enjoyed watching my grand daughter (18 mos. old now) do everything you mention.

Altonian said...

You have so much to say that is entertaining, valid, and sheer delightful. They rhyme beautifully. I love your stuff.

Elizabeth Johnson said...

This clearly "takes the cake"! Love it!

Lilibeth said...

I love these lighthearted verses...well come to think of it, cake is a pretty light word...and so much of the fun of it is watching the little ones enjoy it.

Cynthia M said...

how very true, well said :)

Gloria said...

I love this! I've seen the icing up the and charming.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

that's lovely..

playful piece.

Old Egg said...

What an outright laugh this poem was all the way through. Well observed!