Sunday, September 14, 2008

129. Hot Lips.

I'm quite happy about being Politically Incorrect when it's someone else's joke in the first place!


Some ambitions hang around,
Never to be fulfilled,
And, because of the frustration,
They build and build and build.
It was just like that with Artie,
A taxi-driver chap,
Who longed to have an old-time Nun
Sitting in his lap.
Ever since his teens he'd lain,
Sleepless, in the night,
Imagining the ecstasy,
If one hove into sight.
But years went by and not one Nun
Became his taxi-fare,
And he wondered if one did come by,
Whether he'd really dare.....
Suddenly, one evening,
Seven-thirty, more or less,
A Nun in flowing robes appeared
And gave him an address.
'I'm Sister Grace' the Nun announced.
'Can you drive me to the station?'
And Artie felt a frisson
As he viewed his situation.
For quite a while he drove along,
Not daring to converse,
But the stifled fetish in his mind
Grew worse and worse and worse!
Finally, he blurted out
'Would you commit a sin,
To help this sad petitioner
In the plight that he is in?'
'Tell me your problem, driver;
I'll help you if I can.
I see you're in a dreadful state!'
So Artie then began.....
'If I come round to the back seat,
Would you sit upon my knee,
And…..would you…..would you ….. kiss my lips?
Would you do that for me?'
The Nun replied 'Why, certainly!
But promise me two things,
That you're an ardent Catholic
And you wear no wedding rings!'
'I'm single, and I'm Catholic!'
Artie blurted out with joy!
Said the Nun, ' Then I'll commit this sin,
For a good old Catholic boy'.
They turned in to an alley,
And the deed was quickly done,
One kiss was all that she allowed,
But it was a lingering one!
Artie returned to his cab once more,
Then sat and bowed his head.
' I've told a wicked, wicked lie!
I'm a Baptist, and I'm wed!'

'Think no more about it!'
The Nun said, 'I'm a man!
And I'm off to a Fancy Dress Party!
And my name is really Stan!'



The sting in the tail, so to speak, is superb

Tumblewords: said...

Who'd a thunk? How funny this is!

Marie Reed said...

Your poor little computer! Smart move to post earrrrly! I love this blog! It's so charming:)

Bear Naked said...

Wonderful rhymes again.
Did you know that when you post you can change the date that you want the post to appear?
After creating your post and BEFORE clicking on Publish post click on Post options which is just above the red publish post button in the bottom left hand corner.
Once that opens just change the post date and time to whenever you want.

Bear((( )))

Kat said...

Blood for blood
Eye for eye...
When one tells a lie ? :)))