Friday, December 26, 2008

As Time Goes By


I thought I'd remember, forever,
Those 'milestones' of which people spoke!
Weight at birth, then first word, and first friendships!
Forget them? That would be a joke!
I thought that affection preserved them,
Every detail I'd know from the start.
There was nothing on earth could erase them,
Those 'milestones' engraved on my heart.
But, forget them I have, I admit it,
Their statistics now pass in a blur.
And yet at the time, they engulfed me,
Causing such an emotional stir!
Now sometimes my middle-aged children,
Who're parents themselves by this time,
Request a statistic to guide them
And my blank look is almost a crime!
They ask for 'first words' or 'first teacher'!
They ask me 'Did I act this way?'!
I look like an uncaring Mother
For I've simply got nothing to say!
They slip through our fingers, those moments,
Which seemed set in concrete back then.
And I mourn, in contemplative moments,
For they'll never be babies again.


present said...

Yes, the details we thought we'd never forget are gone. Luckily we have the big picture and the many memories that frame it.
"They slip through our fingers, those moments" strikes a melancholy chord with me. They were and are still our babies, yet they'll never be babies again...

Kat said...

How sadly you write this Brenda.

At any age, even if middle-aged the child in them makes them to ask these...!!!!

You should've adopted the same method as you did for your studies....

Written poems about their naughtiness which would've been great remembrance..!!!

Max and Harry wouldn't have problems. You write poems about them, capturing their moments :)))))


"They slip through our fingers, those moments,
Which seemed set in concrete back then."

Sheer poetry.

Anonymous said...

Really liked this and yes, time does pass far too quickly.

keiths ramblings said...

A lovely yet bitter-sweet poem. A joy to read.

Andy Sewina said...

Great milestone, I think you're right, memories are indelible!

Granny Smith said...

The milestones I thought I wouuld remember have, like yours, often slipped away. But isn't it interesting how little moments that we make np effort to remember slip into our consciousness with all their sweetness intact. said...

Oh, you've got me crying now. That's so beautiful, bittersweet and honest. Thanks for sharing it.

flaubert said...

Love the bitter-sweetness in this.

Brother Ollie said...

Such is time.

Unknown said...

so lovely, fleeting and true :)

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

the older, the wiser.
cute image.
Happy Thursday.

Ella said...

I love this and how we think we will remember, but time marches on and the lines n' memories blur. Well done~

Mary said...

Brenda, this is so true. I think most mothers begin with good intentions...but as time goes on life gets in the way and things just unintentionally slide. Your children will someday realize this too....