Saturday, December 27, 2008

249. Star-Sign Unions Three.

Since there are over 70 variations on this theme and I only intend to publish one a month on this blog I am now publishing them more regularly on a new blog called "BETTER OR VERSE" reached from this page.

After all, there must be millions of couples about to tie the knot who are waiting for my approval
 (or, as is often the case, the opposite!)

(See details on my PLUS blog).
I don't know their stars, but I'm sure they're auspicious (tongue in cheek!)


Wow! I'm full of envy now! Your partnership's a glory!
Of all the tales in mating's books, yours is the Great Love Story!
Both spontaneous, full of life, bountiful, attractive!
Your sex lives will (how can I say?) be very, very active!
Gemini has a roving eye, but the body follows rarely,
And Gemini knows that Aries will react if used unfairly!
Both of you love adventure. The great wide world awaits!
And best of all, these lovers, can be firm and friendly mates.
You'll both thrive on an argument and love each great conclusion!
Like two bolts of lightning there will always be a fusion!
Intelligent, that's both of you, ingenious as well,
But Gemini's flirtations may involve 'kiss' but not 'tell'.
Aries makes the decisions; Gemini lags behind
But, in the end, it works out well as you will always find.
You're intelligent, and popular; my goodness! You're the works!
But restlessness may haunt you both; dissatisfaction lurks.
You've got it all and yet you yearn for even greener grass.
Hang in there! For those feelings, as the years go by, will pass.
Keep hold of the friendship! That will see you through.
And how the world will envy
The old age of you two!

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Darlene said...

Oh my; when I read the poem I had to laugh. I am a Gemini and my late husband was an Aries. He was the flirt and not me. I'm afraid it didn't really fit us,but it was fun to read.