Saturday, December 20, 2008

241. Christmas Upsidedown

This parrot is perched in the branches of the Christmas Bush. We use this tree as part of our Christmas decorations.


In New South Wales at Christmas Time
The summer weather is sublime.
And all the world is in it's prime.
On Christmas Day.
And stars that twinkle in the night
Shine silver soft and burning bright
With an incandescent summer light,
A grand display.

Some folk may miss a winter clime,
Recalled from some old nursery rhyme,
And some far-distant childhood time
When holly grew,
And frost and snow bedecked outside
And sleighs and skates were there to ride
And all the pretty flowers had died
And no birds flew.

But though we don't inspire the bards
And we admit that our back-yards
Don't look like scenes on Christmas cards,
On Christmas Day
Who would exchange this golden glow
For greying skies and swirling snow,
And icy winds that roar and blow?
Not me! No way!


Sylvia K said...

And wise you are! We have snow, but it is unusual for it to last more than a few hours -- not so this year and no one is happy -- as you know from my seagull friend!
Hope you have a beautiful holiday season!

Mari Meehan said...

Can you pick me up at the nearest airport?

Kat said...

Hark! The herald angels sing
"Glory to the newborn King!"

That's the spirit isn't it Brenda ?