Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Extra! Extra!


This is an organisation dedicated to lobbying the powers that be, often with success.
Google it to read what it has to say about the present idiocy.
Children scrapping in the yard!
Shaking hands can't be that hard!
'You started it!' we hear them cry,
Over and over as years go by.
Had they known in '48
That their decisions would cause such hate,
Would they have organised the set-up?
Now it seems there will be no let-up.
It was hard for Jews not to have a home,
Always having to drift and roam,
But, now, are they any more secure,
Is Israel safe and is it sure?
Out of the frying-pan they went
Into a fire of discontent.
It's clear the hatred goes too deep;
Who wants a peace no-one can keep?
What a way to start a year!
Faced with enmity and fear!
Strewn with bodies, wreathed in smoke.
Is this the future of which they spoke?
Can't both be adult? Can't both be wise?
Haven't they heard of compromise?


Bear Naked said...

What a very sad moment in time it is Brenda.
So much hate and for what?

Bear((( )))

Reader Wil said...

Brenda, you are so right and you described this ongoing war so well! It's so terrible especially for children.

Liz Hinds said...

Compromise? What's that? Excellent poem.

Kat said...

Even reading this sounds scary...
Will the guns ever be silenced?

As you've written in Ett Settera - "Lovingkindness" needs to sprout in all hearts.