Monday, December 29, 2008

Sweet Fruitcake!


I'd rather BE a Fruitcake, than just eat one.
You can recognise a Fruitcake when you meet one.
A Fruitcake's slightly dotty,
In fact a Fruitcake's potty,
Even though you very often meet a sweet one!

A human Fruitcake sees life slightly dented,
Sort of curly at the edges and fermented.
A Fruitcake is quite loopy,
But rarely sad and droopy,
And it's odd the way a Fruitcake seems contented.

So spurn those fruitcakes filled with nuts and butter,
Though they make your greedy heart go all a-flutter.
Concentrate on human kind
And I'm certain that you'll find,
That you're better off with a crazy living Nutter!


Doe said...

original!! nice puns there &
yummy photo ;)

Patty said...

That is one thing we didn't receive this year, a Fruitcake. I love the ones that come from some bakery in Texas. They are loaded with good fruits and nuts. Sometimes ones that you pick up cheap in a grocery have very few nuts and the fruits are almost bitter. Hickory Farms also has a good Fruitcake.

Happy New Year.

Rinkly Rimes said...

Here's hoping you can share some fruitcake and a glass of champagne with Abe!

ChrisJ said...

That really does look like a good fruit cake! I'm a bit over-done on chocolatey, sugary things right now.

Bear Naked said...

My husband is the fruit cake lover here.
He always insists on getting one every Christmas.

Bear((( )))

Reader Wil said...

It looks delicious! And the rhyme is great! Thanks for the treat!

Kat said...

Brenda - You're a great 'fruitcake' :))))) your poems makes the hearts go all a-flutter..!!!!

Glad to be back - me.