Tuesday, December 30, 2008

253. X-it!

A little early this week because of New Year.

'X' is this weeks' letter for ABC WEDNESDAY! Not the easiest! But not too bad if you cheat!

My equally dishonest 'X' photograph can be found on my PLUS blog.

Mr X has become redundant!
 Tell him that he can go!
He isn't needed round the place!
As this little rhyme will show.
It's easy to fics what's broken,
It's easy to mics cement,
And sics is a simple number!
So it's time the letter went!
If I'm waiting for an ecsray
It may be my turn necst!
I'll feel ecstremely nervous
And quite a bit perplecsed.
But the letter 'X' won't help me!
I'll just feel rather vecsed
That it keeps on popping up in words
And ruining the tecst!
For sending people kisses
It's very over-rated!
I vote that wretched 'X' should be

ECSIT 2008!
It wasn't ecsactly great!
But still we ecsisted!
We wouldn't have missed it!
I wonder! What's necst on our plate!


Anonymous said...

Aesthetically, I like X! Words spelt otherwise do not LOOK right! Just imagine children learning the alphabet having to leave that letter out and ending with W on the breathless, or a poised note, before X! Anonymous

Kim from Hiraeth said...

I vote your post as the most creative.

photowannabe said...

Both this post and the one on Plus are X-actly right for X.

Gordon said...

A great post - each week I marvel at your creativity.

I am sure a lot of ABC Wednesdays bloggers would be happy if there was no letter X.

Miss_Yves said...

Best wishes !
Your mind is working too!
I dont'know this movie:it's certainely Xtra !

Dragonstar said...

Such fun, and clever too!

Happy New Year from the ABC team!

Bear Naked said...

How very clever Brenda.
An eXcellent poem for the letter X on ABC Wednesday.

Bear((( )))

Kat said...

Poets have license to kill ..!!Effectively killed 'X' :))))