Sunday, December 28, 2008

250. I Believe

This is my response to the SUNDAY SCRIBBLINGS prompt 'I Believe'.
(My SIMPLY SNICKERS entry is number 251.)


I believe that LIFE is just another word for God. 
And LIFE just IS..... there's no two ways about it.
I can't believe a deity created all that's here.
He may have done, but I, sincerely, doubt it.

"How did everything get here then?"
I hear my friends inquiring.
"Why is the world so great and good,
Beautiful and inspiring?"

If I respond "Well, who made God?"
They answer, without blinking,
"Don't be silly! God just IS!
Whatever are you thinking?"
They can accept that God just is
From here to Eternity.
Can't they see I believe the same,
But God is called LIFE for me?

Universes without end
Stretch on into infinity,
Eternal LIFE is bursting forth
Devoid of all divinity.
True, LIFE cares not for human woes,
But neither does it taunt us.
Pure chance rules over everything;
There are no ghosts to haunt us.
I'll be snuffed out when my LIFE is done;
I have no expectations.
And so I have no useless dreams,
No wild anticipations.

"You can't be very happy, then".....
My friends view me quite sadly.
They ignore the fact that I worship,
Deeply, truly, gladly..
The world is all I've got, you see,
So I treasure every day,
I worship the air, the sky, the trees,
The people along the way.

I'm living in a miracle,
But one that I know I'll leave.
I speak of LIFE and not of God,
When I say 'Yes, I believe'.


anthonynorth said...

Sounds like a good philosophy to me.

linda may said...

Good on you mate! Well written as usual.

quin browne said...

if the philosophy works, don't change it...

present said...

You asked if anyone minded the serious post. This is wonderful! I do love your whimsical humor too!
How great! "I speak of LIFE and not of god". I believe.

Doe said...

i like your approach to LIFE, your philosophy even how LIFE is your word for God...but i don't quite agree with how "Pure chance rules over everything"; unless you meant by Chance as another word for God?!

"Chance is perhaps the pseudonym of God when he does not wish to sign his work.” Quote by Anatole France; i'm not that wise, yet ;)

much peace

Anonymous said...

To rally around LIFE and how to live it, other than a God, is a wonderful idea. Whoever invented and implemented the telling of the story of the birth of Jesus at a time when people needed a 'saviour' or a raison d'etre, was a genius! Anonymous

Tumblewords: said...

Yes, I believe as well...Nicely done!

Andy Sewina said...

Life is where it's at and it goes on and on and on beyond all our understanding of space, time and eternity, I believe!

Kat said...

Am back Brenda :))))

Lovely poem and an age old question about God. Mahathma Gandhi had said, listen to your inner voice... it's godly and would lead your life.

I think our brains are too small to understand the overall plan in our existence. Example - you take an ant - can it understand poetry and blogging? :)))