Saturday, December 20, 2008

242. Artless.

                             Paul Klee

SIMPLY SNICKERS suggested a different Paul Klee painting but this one suited me best.

See 243. for SUNDAY SCRIBBLINGS entry.


I know very little of modern art;
I'd better state that at the start.

But here's a work by the great Paul Klee
That well and truly satisfies me.
The colours merge and mystify,
The shapes and placings please my eye.
It's called 'Magic Garden', well so be it.
If he says it's a garden I can see it.
If he had called it 'Secret Spell'
I could have recognised that as well.
The merging colours really count,
But the title? Not a large amount.
Abstract art has a life of its own,
The name of it need not be known.

I taught little children in my day;
They daubed in a really childlike way,
Yet, sometimes, serendipity
Would present a 'work of art' to me.
The colours chosen, juxtaposed,
The splashes, blots, the white exposed
Would form a painting I would keep
For, truly, it could make hearts leap.

Nature itself makes works of art
Accidentally, with each part
Blending, swirling, crossing, climbing,
All with delectably casual timing.
There is no purpose and no title,
Just the vitality is vital.

Here is a work by...... a computer!
No methodology or  tutor!
An accidental set of clicks
Played this most wonderful of tricks.
And, yes, I find it pleases me
As much as the work of the great Paul Klee.
The experts will label my views untimely.
They'll say only humans paint sublimely.
They'll say Paul Klee was a mighty master;
The accidental a disaster!

But how lucky I am that I can see
Beauty in chance AND in Paul Klee!

P.S. 'Anonymous' will respond, for sure!
That comment I will be waiting for!


Anonymous said...

An accidental number of clicks that produced this picture had to have been done by someone, surely? Someone with an eye for pattern and colour had to have saved it, as an artist would. Modern art can be about anything, can be created by any means, not necessarily with a paint brush. A variety of 'pictures' making a series could be made using this accidental click technique; could be hung in an exhibit....anything pleasing goes these days!

Mari Meehan said...

You know how many elephants can paint? A lot of our zoos feature them. The most famous was probably Ruby of the Phoenix zoo. I wept when I read she had died. They'd sell her works and prints thereof as a fundraising device and I swear it was every bit as good as what a computer turned out. Point taken. Lol.

Tumblewords: said...

I love the mystical, magical style of abstracts - those which free one's mind to see the other side. Photos are nice, but not necessarily as art. There, I've said it! Enjoyed your post!

Anonymous said...

Hi again,
As an artist by career, I enjoyed this post so much. I like Paul Klee's "The Kiss." Abstract art needs to attract me via its colors like you mentioned and/or line and texture.

I'm smiling that you created this on the computer. Isn't it fun to play with the graphics programs? Your rhymes are pure delight. See me smiling broadly: 8D

Kat said...

Hidden talents are surfacing.... And Paul Klee himself could've been awed..!!!

When my daughter does that, I'll chide her for wasting paint :))))