Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sunday Diary

August 2nd

The weather has continued fabulous all this week; in fact, July has been glorious as a whole. The wind has been chilly but the sky has been blue and it's been dry.This doesn't bode well for summer but at least we can enjoy it while we can.
I was relieved, on Sunday when both families returned from their short holidays. I'm a dreadful worrier and I imagine terrible car and boating accidents. I suppose they're all in as much danger on Newcastle's roads but I just never seem to consider that! Rebecca has yet to send me her houseboat photos, but Greg gave me lovely ones of the boys in the snow. Here are a few.
Made it!

On Monday I had an unusual time. I've been taking photos (snaps that's all) for the entire eight years I've belonged to my Probus Club and people said they never saw them. (They stay in my computer.) So I gave a slide-show of them, with the help of a young lady from the church. I turned-it into more of an entertainment by writing poems to link each segment, and I allowed chatter as I knew people would want to compare fashions etc. It went down well but I didn't get to finish all the photos so I'll have to finish another day.
Here am I looking up at the screen and showing lots of turkey-neck!
It was the Club's thirteenth birthday!
On Tuesday 'the girls' assembled at my house and I introduced them to my new melodrama 'The Red Barn'. If it sounds familiar that is because it's a true story that's been adapted hundreds of times. I've added a character and an element of farce, that's all. I was planning it as a filler but everyone liked it and said it should be next year's main play.
These were the first five melodramatists to arrive.
Pam B. Loretta, Pam M. Roslyn and Betty.
On Wednesday friend Bev threw a lunch party. I'd forgotten all about it and had to be reminded by phone! As usual, the wine flowed freely, as can be seen from Pam, in this shot.
Thursday sparkled. Rebecca, Brian, Malcolm, Max and I went to Minmi, where a new park has been opened. It's an old mining area (this part of NSW is like a rabbit-warren underground) so the park had a mining theme. In other words, the play-area was based on tunnels and mazes etc. But it was more of a picnic and barbecue area than anything else. Max didn't care. He still had a great time. And the adults loved the surrounding country.
Max down the mine!
The weather was heavenly and the countryside beautiful.
On Friday I went to the U3A 'Working with Words' class. I left at the start of the year because I thought I was needed for baby-sitting, but Michelle seems to have managed without me so I've signed-up again. The new tutor, Jean Talbot, is very pleasant and we discussed childhood memories. I had lunch in Beaumont Street and changed Harry's library books and continued straight on to Souths where we had a poor turnout for 'Jeopardy' again. Still, we worked on tricky scenes so time wasn't wasted.
On Saturday I joined the Walking Group on a walk around the Wetlands. Once again, the weather was English-summer perfect.The walk seemed quite long and we were surprised to discover it was only 7000 steps; we aim for 10000.
Off we go!
Being silly on the way.
Enjoying the birds.
And the lunch.
I'm convinced the Second Childhood is better than the First!
Till next week.


Patty said...

You certainly had one busy, full, lively week to say the least. That's what keeps us all young.

Mine was busy, but didn't have much fun in it. Have been running to the one daughter who is on vacation in Fl, at least twice a day, to feed and water, two indoor cats and five outdoor cats. Also water her potted plants outside, and clean two litter boxes each day, inside. Then every other evening I go back and sit for an hour or two with the inside cats and watch some TV with them.

Here at home I mowed the backyard on Tuesday and the front yard on Wed. evening after coming home from my sister-in-laws viewing. The funeral was on Thursday, I left home around 10:15 and got back around 3pm. Some of the ladies she worked with opened their home and served the family lunch. On Friday I grocery shopped, and did a few loads of laundry. Now it's time to go clean some green beans to fix for dinner. I have a nice ham bone I am going to cook with the beans. Thank goodness the daughter will be home tomorrow. So I only have two more trips to make over there, and also thank goodness it's only about two miles from us. Tonight it's time to watch TV with Junior and Lady the indoor cats. LOL

As for the turkey neck, don't worry, we all have that when we get a certain age. I look at it this way, we're still able to get out of bed in the mornings, stand up straight and take a deep breathe, that's always good. Or as Martha Stewart says, that's a good thing. LOL Happy week-end.

Jo said...

Hi Brenda;) managed to get onto your comments this week. LOL at the Second Childhood being better thant the first. Aye! Thanks for sharing your amazingly energetic week again. You do SO much. Mid week I Skyped my dh in the Sudan and told him what I'd done that morning and he said: wow, all that and it's only midday. So I suppose we women know how to get things done... Have a wonderful week - your weather looks peachy. (((Hugs))) Jo

Kat said...

8 years of photos presenting in 8 minutes is a bit tough :)))

second childhood...!!! Looks its babies day out :)))