Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Diary

August 9th

Blake watching a video on Saturday night. I didn't intend it to open this blog but now it's here it can stay!

Last Sunday and Monday were quiet days. I should have gone to Choir Practice on Monday but I had a sudden rush of blood to the head and decided to tidy kitchen cupboards instead! (It's all part of my Meme-Free Month which is giving me some breathing-space blog-wise. I'm deliberately not even looking at memes. so that I don't get fascinated by them!) I also caught-up on some letter-writing, which has been sadly neglected. I have old friends who 'don't believe in computers' in one way or another, and I have to spur myself on to keep in touch with them the old-fashioned way, because I know I'd hate to lose their friendship.
The serious news was the attempted terrorism at the Holsworthy Barracks in Victoria. Although it seems it was fairly low-key it's good to know our authorities are keeping an eye open!
On Tuesday I gave a talk on my childhood Evacuation to Malcolm's Probus group.While speaking, I remembered all sorts of things I thought I'd forgotten! By coincidence, the main speaker for the day was a young airman who talked to us about overseas duty. So we were immersed in war.
However, these gentlemen members of the club seemed quite relaxed at lunch afterwards!
Wednesday was a busy day as I conducted my Poetry Session up at the Club. As usual, we had a varied and enjoyable program. My contribution was the poems of Granny Smith, a fellow blogger, whose work (and that of her husband) I admire. Do visit her at ; she has had a varied and interesting life and she writes beautifully. I had to dash straight to the Speakers' Club, and 'dashing' was difficult as I had a 'gammy' knee. (Lovely word 'gammy'). As it happened a fellow poetry-enthusiast gave me a lift into the city.I was the Critic, a task I usually enjoy, but today the discussion was about out local Council, and two gentlemen got quite heated! It would have been better as a debate. There's to be a nation-wide Public Speaking contest on our TV. I applied for an audition but I was rejected. However, a little Vietnamese doctor has been chosen to try-out so we're all enthusiastic about that although she's only just joined our club.
On Thursday I usually spend my time with Rebecca and Max but it was Blake's Athletics Carnival today, and R. said she didn't think it would be my scene (although it turns out Blake came second in a heat and I'd have liked to see that.) In the evening friend Les took me along to the 'Cricketers Arms' to a Toastmasters session. I've been thinking about rejoining the organisation, but I couldn't whip-up much enthusiasm so I don't think I'll pursue it.
I had to be up at the crack of dawn on Friday as my Probus Club had organised a trip to Sydney to the Opera House and we wanted to get down there early. We had a lovely day. The weather was perfection and I enjoyed the music.The program was called 'Tea and Symphony'! The Bartok was a bit highbrow for me but I was only feet away from the pianist and I was fascinated by his fingers. The Strauss was more to my taste and Simone Young, the Conductor was fascinating to watch close-to as well. We had morning coffee, supplied free, up on the Granite Level, before the concert but, of course, photography was forbidden in the auditorium.
The Granite Level.
Afterwards we had a delicious meal at The Marriot Hotel at Circular Quay. (So many of my Diary photos involve food! We don't eat non-stop! I suppose it's just that people are still at that time.)
I'm the little person at the back, right, in my ubiquitous red jacket! I promise to buy something new for next year!
On Saturday Greg brought the boys round. That's always a pleasure. Max's speech is improving but he still has a long way to go. He co-operates very cheerfully when asked to say certain sounds but he still find them difficult. Then Harry stayed for his 'lesson'. It's mostly a story-time, but I tested him on sounding today and he's picked up a lot from his Mum and Dad. They're having a bit of angst over his education. They fancy the Catholic school because of good reports, but they have 30 in a class whereas the government school has only 20. Brian was on duty in Sydney so Rebecca came for the evening. Blake was with her so, after a meal at Souths he watched a video upstairs (see top photo) while we watched' Last Chance Harvey'. It was quite a sweet little film and very relaxing to watch. One gets tired of films with lots of short 'bites' and this had an old-fashioned feel about it.

Till next week.


quilly said...

Rodents are my friends. I used to keep cages in my classroom. I miss them. Sometimes I miss having students, too.

Patty said...

You certainly are one busy lady. Good for you, like my Doctor says, when I told him our daughters keep saying, Mom you shouldn't be out there mowing the grass. I said what do you think, he said tell them Dr. Wharton said, use it or lose it, I'm assuming he's talking of the upper body strength and legs for walking, LOL which you need when mowing.

Margaret Gosden said...

Only 20 in a class sounds much better than 30, particularly if there is a better chance of getting attention - but, I suppose, it is up to the parents! Enjoyed your journal!

Jo said...

A lovely week's news, Brenda. I love that you had a rush of blood to the head and cleaned your cubboards. I generally lie down until that rush subsides.(ha-ha , only joking - these things have to be done) How super that you were so near one of the musicians at the Symphony and that you enjoyed the performance. Sounds very posh -especially no photos allowed! I trust your weather is warming up as it is here in South Africa. Have a good week. Jo