Monday, August 24, 2009

Where's Max?


Have you seen Max?
Why! No! Have you?
Well, what do you think we ought to do?
Do you think he's run away?
When we tell his mother, what shall we say?
He was here a moment ago!
I think you were in charge!
Hey! No!
He was holding your hand! You are to blame!
He's been with you ever since we came!
Poor little Max. He's not yet three!
How very lonely he must be!
Fancy losing a little child!
His father will go really wild!
His mother will get in an awful tizz!
Goodness gracious! Here he is!
A more romantic loss here:


Patty said...

How cute. But wouldn't it be horrible to loose a child someplace. I can't imagine what the parents would do, except go insane.

Quilly said...

LOL! I bet Max loved that little drama.

maryt/theteach said...

That's adorable, Brenda! I'm sure you showed him the picture and read the poem to him. He must have loved it! :)

Darlene said...

Your poem is so descriptive of how fast a toddler can disappear. I have had that experience with my own children and grandchildren. Panic sets in very rapidly.

Kat said...

The biggest thrill is to see the kid's glee, when the poetic conversation is going on - searching for him.