Monday, August 17, 2009

What a Bore!

Here you see my two grandsons with a girl cousin in Hong Kong. They were having a great time!


'Come on darlings! Smile or laugh!
Mummy wants a photograph!
Do as you're told kids! Mummy's boss!
We given you ice-cream, candy-floss;
We've given into your every whim!
Now you're looking absolutely grim!
We've just come out of Disneyland!
Enjoy yourselves, the way I planned!
Daddy, come on, you have a try.
I'll jump about and play 'I spy'.
They're fed and cosseted, cuddled, hugged!
Now they look like they've been mugged!
Enjoy yourselves! Do as you're told!
How can you stand there being bold!
All three of you are so adored!
How can a small child say it's bored?
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Anonymous said...

Kids get bored to easily now-a-days, methinks. Too many things to distract them has led to a ashorter attention span( dealing with Princess on that, when I can ). And as kids go, they pretty much smile when they want to, yes? I just have to make sure my camera is at the ready-LOL!

Sunny said...

That reminds me of when my son was little, I have more pictures of him looking like he was bored stiff at fun places. He always said he was having a great time!
By the way, I like your selection of music.
Sunny :)

Kat said...

These days its become the other way.

Earlier kids used to smile in front of a camera.

These days they keep smiling until they are in front of a camera ? ..!!