Thursday, August 20, 2009



Australia! Land of Freedom! I don't think so! Do you?
Look at this very lengthy list of things you are NOT to do!
This is at Merewether Beach, which I've praised in many a verse,
But you'd have to say these instructions are verging on the terse!
And look at the hidden dangers! By rights we should be scared!
We should be praising highly those swimmers who have dared!
They use that strong word 'Hazardous'! Enough to curl you hair!
The only word that's missing is that chilling word 'Beware!'
Is it any wonder that the pool is where I swim
For every other area sounds positively grim.
Yet there they are! The surfers! Lighthearted as they can get!
The notice is there for all to read but have they read it yet?
P.S. When I look closer my worries start to fade;
The Powers that Be have granted us access to First Aid!
Sometimes it happens here:


Sunny said...

They should have had a red cicle with a line saying 'No fun'!
The pool sounds a lot safer!
Sunny :)

Dr.John said...

You do have a way with wors and ideas.

Anonymous said...

Well, it does say "please" take

quilly said...

Your ending made me chuckle.

I have photos of surfers here braving angry, turbulent waves and in the foreground on the beach is a huge sign posted, "Beach Closed. Hazardous Weather. Strong undertow. No lifeguard or emergency services available on site."

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

I wonder if any actually reads such a sign and then decides NOT to do one of the forbidden things as a result.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Great poem to go with the picture.

Kat said...

Take no notice of the NOTICE... is the thumb rule ?..!!