Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fine and Dandy!

to see Margaret Gosden's painting of the Dandelion.


Margaret painted some dandelions in colours richly hued,
Flower and puff together in a 'conservation' mood.
Her painting set me thinking about this little 'weed'
Stigmatised by it's very name! A sorry fate indeed!
And so I Googled 'Dandelion' and found that it's been lauded!
By artists and photographers its charms have been applauded!
Consider it's lovely yellow orb, as brilliant as a daisy's!
That it's considered common-place is a thought that quite amazes!
It's like a cushion made of gold: each petal seeks the sun
Standing precisely in its place by another one!

Sharon Marcella Marston

Consider it's truly wondrous leaves, elegant and indented;
The 'lion's teeth', the 'dent de lion', with form and flare presented.
From a central point of departure behold the curving grace
Of each leaf seeming to take a bow in its appointed place!
And then consider the miracle, that puff-ball work of art!
See, when the blossom's faded how the progeny depart!
The magic of the seed dispersal turned into ballet,
With every airy particle dancing upon its way!
Ann Blockley
They are spoken-of with rancour; they are treated as mere pests!
They are the nasty little weeds each gardener detests.
They fear they'll swamp their other flowers, their precious little blooms,
The rigid painted notables they show-off in their rooms.
But if dandelions took-over and the other flowers were routed,
And all the rules of gardening were just ignored or flouted,
We could have a world of dandelions, like that you see below.
And we could do a great deal worse!
Grow, Dandelions, grow!


A child's-eye view of weeds here:


Sunny said...

Call me strange (you won't be the first!) but I happen to like Dandelions.
Sunny :)

Unknown said...

I never understood why the dandilion was a weed...

I'm a lot like a dandilion... thanks for the post and sharing the wonderful pics and painting.


Valerie said...

I'm with Sunny, I like dandelions... and so do the birds. Isn't it strange how people take a dislike to flowers when they're so pretty. Loved the poem, I've finally got round to telling you that.

Margaret Gosden said...

Thanks a lot. Also a lawn weed that people love to hate. Before painting our dandelions, the teacher urged us to put our hands into a pile of them (an unusual still life) to know and understand them. Good rime for such an unlovable weed in the gardening world.

Sherri B. said...

You have done the dandelion proud with your clever prose...wonderful! By the way, your link at Sunday Scribbling didn't work for me...(I did a search for 'rinkly rimes' to find you).

Kat said...

The painting is so beautiful and the poetic research is so wonderful.