Sunday, August 30, 2009



Sally answered her phone one day and heard the voice of a man.
Without the slightest preamble his rigmarole began.....
'Darling! I haven't slept a wink! I love you to distraction!
I know I was out of line last night! I regret each foolish action!
You're the only girl in the world for me! I'm speaking on my knees!
If I agree to your demands will you marry me please!
I agree to the triple-diamond ring, the one with the highest price.
And yes, your mother can live with us! I think that would be nice!
And yes, we'll buy that penthouse on the Gold Coast right away!
And yes, I'll even say those words, 'I promise to obey'!
Of course we'll have the reception on an ocean-going yacht!
And of course I'll be signing over half of everything I've got!
You know I love you madly. Please, please, please say 'Yes!'
And Sally replied 'Of course I will!...... Can I have your name and address?'
A little more romance here:

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Kat said...

Ha ha ha..... really enjoyed that. What else Sally can say...!!! Boys may note this starters to swoon girls..!!