Friday, November 14, 2008

197. A Strange Illusion


Written for SUNDAY SCRIBBLINGS, the topic of which is 

Well, I can't think of a much stranger world than the one depicted!


Stranger than fiction! 
Here we see a picture that amazes!
Stairs going up, then going down, 
All ending up in mazes.
A man is walking underneath 
A flight of stairs. it seems,
And doors, all sideways, lead outside,
Where we feel there should be beams!
A man walks up towards a door 
That's tilted on its side,
And I see dark corners where grey men
Can scuttle in and hide.
These faceless creatures move about
Like an hallucination;
Are they going up or down?
Where is their destination?
A man sits on an upright wall,
But he doesn't lose his balance!
It's clear to see these faceless men 
Have never-ending talents!
This is the stuff of nightmares
I feel that I'm delirious!
It's just the oddness of it all
That sense of the mysterious.
We humans like things as they are,
We don't much care for change,
And down as up and up as down
Makes us feel distinctly strange.
Looking at this picture
Makes me feel quite odd and queasy,
Out of sorts, a little faint,
And terribly uneasy.
An optical illusion?
That gives a designation;
But it doesn't really quite explain
My physical sensation.
If I found myself in such a world
I'd feel in mortal danger!
To such a strange and dangerous place
I'd like to remain

A Stranger! 


Stan Ski said...

Great rhymes, and very organised collation of the confusing thoughts that greet the picture.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Depicts the picture wonderfully.

Amiene Rev said...

That picture... It make me fall into the world of puzzles.

"Sunshine" said...

Oooh, that's an Escher, is it not? I love his work, and trying to wrap my mind around the illusions. I also love how you interpreted the picture through a poem and put your own spin on it--very effective!

me said...

great rhymes and rhythms...and i love that optical illusion picture! :)

Tanya said...


Lilibeth said...

A neat poem...and you the place draws. Isn't it always so.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Escher was a master at making us feel a stranger in our own reality! Interesting thoughts on that queasy process!

Roan said...

I'd like to "remain a stranger" to that place, too. You are a talented poet. BJ

Anonymous said...

You’ve got quite the site going here! And the music is so in-your-own-living room relaxing to me.
This SS offering is also quite the piece. Midway down I wondered what I’d think if I didn’t know it was spun off Escher’s drawing. It’d be even stranger! And maybe even more fun…if that’s possible :-)

Rambler said...

just loved the piece..its so much lose the maze of life