Friday, November 28, 2008

213.Off-Course Of Course!

Lynda of gave me permission to use this photograph for a poem. It is one of a series of about six that chronicle a street scene in Portland. Let's hope the poodle found a tree quite soon!


Percy the Poodle was crossing the street,
Attached, of course, to a lead.
'Thought Percy 'Goody! There's a tree!
 Exactly what I need!
I'm bursting to cock my back leg
And that tree will be just great!
And, while I'm about it, I'll have a sniff!
 It might lead me to a mate!'
But what is this? His mistress has veered
Way off towards the right!
Did you see a poodle with his legs crossed?
 That was Percy....Right?


Bear Naked said...

Now that's just plain funny Brenda.
Good one.

Bear((( )))

Winifred said...


It's the same when I see people on bikes and the poor dogs running to keep up with them. I wonder when they'll stop for them.

Kat said...

Fabulous Brenda.

You have eye for detail.

While many would've generally eyed the other end of the 'lead' you could read the mind and predicament of the poodle, at this end of the 'lead'..!!!!