Saturday, November 8, 2008

190. Pity Poor Pollywog!


is the topic for this week's

Human beings must rejoice in the fact that they don't have to cope with the metamorphosis of a young frog, a tadpole or pollywog, or whatever it's called where you live! Could we cope with such great change?


I'm glad I'm not a Pollywog!
A tadpole's insecure
From day to day
It can never say
How it's going to look, for sure.
It starts off as a roundish blob,
But then it grows a tail!
When it looks around
The tail is found
And it says 'Wow! I'm a whale!'
Very soon two arms are sprouting.
He's amazed by what he's seeing!
He holds them there
Up in the air
Shouting 'I'm a human being!'
But the two legs prove that that's not right
And he sees them sprout, brand new,
Double-jointed, long
And very strong'
So he says 'I'm a kangaroo!'
But the worst is yet to happen!
His tail begins to itch,
Then it starts to ache
And finally break
And he leaves it in a ditch.
Feeling really puzzled,
He climbs up on a log.
Then he starts to croak
And sees the joke;
'I get it! I'm a frog!'


Alisa Callos said...

Wow! This is absolutely brilliant! You’re right though—our change is insignificant in comparison.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Hilarious! It really sounds you know the metamorphosis of a tadpole intimately! But i'm not daring to go there!

anthonynorth said...

Enjoyed that. All he needs now is a beautiful princess, and his evolution is complete ;-)

lilly said...

Wow, this is a beautiful piece...

Bear Naked said...

That is wonderful.
I haven't heard the term pollywog in a long time.
When we were groing up we always called them pollywogs and it wasn't until science class that I learned that the correct term is tadpole.

Bear((( )))

paisley said...

incredibly clever!!!!! i used the metamorphosis of a caterpillar in my post today,, in a somewhat less light hearted fashion i know but still- isn't this amazing,, i mean when you think about what other species have to go thru just to change?????

Granny Smith said...

Oh, this is delightful! Poor confused little tadpole. What a relief when he finally gets it. Green at last!

Rosey said...

This is wonderful, my kind of poem.

fleuve-souterrain said...

Fantastic, in the league of lewis caroll... lovely concept.

Stan Ski said...

I was smiling all the way through this - very cleverly written.

GreenishLady said...

Oh, such a clever, clever take on the prompt!
Glad you came by to visit. You asked about my blog-name. It's because I'm sort-of-green (as in environmentally aware), and also Irish, and when I began blogging, I felt very... green.

danni said...

what a great piece - whimsical, but undeneath speaks volumes of how we take to change and make it all into just what we want it to be!!!

Kat said...

The truth of life very subtly revealed...!!! Loved it.

p.s. came across in a management book I was reading - "however hard a kitten tries, it can never become a roaring Lion" :(