Friday, November 14, 2008

Where were You?

I remember, I remember the time when he was born.
I know exactly where I was that day.
It wasn't a 'Kennedy' moment, or the ending of a War,
But the memory is vivid, in that way.
I was coming down the hill, the sun had set, the moon was high,
And the church bells were all ringing in my ears,
And I suddenly felt HISTORY; I was living on a stage;
This was my time, this was my year of years.
For all of us were Royalists, we worshipped our youthful Queen,
And this child was her first-born, a new Prince.
And I felt a surging joy, as though everything were right,
And I haven't felt like that a great deal since!
I whispered as I walked along 'A Prince! We have a Prince!'
It was fairy-story stuff, I see that now.
It all seemed so romantic; he'd be noble, strong and tall,
And before him every humble knee would bow!
Of course, his Daddy helped a bit! The Lover of my dreams,
That gorgeous Philip, married to our Queen,
I was really quite enamoured of that handsome, regal beast.
(And, don't forget that I was seventeen!)
So, now Prince Charles is sixty, and has lost much of his bloom,
And I'm a great deal older, sad to say,
I can still relive that moment of pure joy when he was born.
'Happy Birthday!'
That is all there is to say.


lilly said...

that was great, now I appreciate the picture more!

Kat said...

We too had lots and lots of Kings and Queens in our Country. But we don't wish them happy birthday kinds :))))

Understanding Alice said...

a real moment in time - fabulous :)

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Dee Martin said...

funny you mention Kennedy. I was thinking today that JFK was the last president I believed in. Of course I was young and naive. I kind of wish I was that way again, sadly. Like you, I remember those years and how he was a hero to me.