Friday, November 14, 2008


Not guilty! This joke existed in prose form before I ever got hold of it!


It was a touching moment.
The sick man lay in his bed.
His faithful wife
Who had shared his life,
Hovered near his head.
He looked up at her features
And then she heard him say
'You've been grand;
You've held my hand
Every step of the way.
When the house burnt down, you were there, dear.
You were there when I hurt my knee.
You were at my side
When my old dog died,
And when I fell out of that tree.
You were there when I lost my money,
You were there when I crashed my car;
When I looked around
You were always found!
What a faithful old girl you are!
Yes, now that I've caught a virus
You're hovering as before.
Never far away.
And every day
I see you come through the door.
Whenever I've been in trouble
Been foolish or run amok,
You've been involved.
Now the riddle's solved!

It's clear you bring Bad Luck!'


Patty said...

Love the poem, perhaps she does bring bad luck. LOL

Mari Meehan said...

I always love it when you make me laugh out loud!

Winifred said...

Typical male thinking!

fleuve-souterrain said...

ha ha ha.. I'll read this out to my husband and see what he says! Nice one.

Kat said...

If he can say that, she must've retorted....

My darling dear,
do not so fear,
Luck is actually to me
by the insurance amount I'll get, you see...!!!

:)))) Please don't curse Brenda..!!