Thursday, November 6, 2008

187. Recipe in Rhyme 3: Sinful Supper

That British Woman alerted me to this recipe. But I felt I'd like to add some bacon pieces to it! So as not to adulterate her recipe and photo I looked for something similar and lo (!) here it is! I've changed the name too! The cream makes it sinful!
In a skillet fry chopped onion,
With bacon bits, in margarine.
Toss some cheese with flour,salt, pepper.
Add the lot! Don't be too mean.
Take a bowl and blend together
Eggs with half-and-half or cream.
Add to mix with cooked potato
Smell that aromatic steam!
Now transfer this lovely mixture
To a 9 inch baking dish.
Medium heat for half an hour.
Maybe longer if you wish.
Cool it. Cut it into portions,
Garnish it with sprigs of thyme,
Serve it with a tasty salad
Hear them shouting

Ingredients: I cup finely chopped onion; handful grated cheese to taste; 4 cups diced cooked potatoes; 1/4 cup s.r flour; 3 eggs; 3/4 cup cream.


Annie said...

Very clever...a recipe in rhyme..haven't heard one of those before..but it does sound scrumptious!


Elizabeth said...

This looks a delicious treat for a winter's evening.
Yes, adding bacon would make it even more sinful and delicious.

Unknown said...

Yes, this sounds lovely : ). Thank you for sharing!

Darlene said...

I can just smell the aroma of that delicious sounding casserole. Unfortunately, I can also see the pounds going up on my scale. ;)

Kat said...

How cleverly you can induce one to Sin :))))))

The poem surely wins certification " It's Sublime..!!!"