Thursday, November 27, 2008

Number One

                                    By Kat
I have just discovered that my BLEND (Blog Friend) Kat has painted one picture in his life. This was it.
I think he should continue to paint, don't you?
The news from India, Kat's homeland, is very worrying today. So this is a little sort of get-well token.
(The first of many.)

To one who painted one,
From one who's not painted any!
Keep  at it, my dear Kat.
Let us see many, many!
When the world is looking grim,
We need a painter's eye
To point out all the lovely things
That may have passed us by.


Anonymous said...

Kat has a lot of talent. I wonder why he is not using it. The news of what is going on in India today is very bad and I hope he is all right? Anonymous

Kat said...

Thank you Brenda for your kind gesture and your poem does give a ray of hope - for all of us to see a better world and future.

Thank you Brenda and Anon for all the encouragement. It's inspiring. I am sure I will hit the canvas again - soon.



Kat said...

And thank you Anon for your concern. What's happening here is a problem world wide - of some trying to destabilise countries and people. It's sad.

Chennai is quite peaceful and things are as usual. Thanks once again.