Saturday, November 22, 2008

207. The Parting of the Ways


(Written for the SIMPLY SNICKERS prompt. A SUNDAY SCRIBBLINGS effort can be seen below.)


So you see a bird!

I aways knew we were incompatible!
How dull you are;
Seeing what you think you have to see.
Doing as you're told!
Your horizon limited by what you think you should see.
A mere human in a world of angels!
So bland, so conventional, so boring!

I'll give you the horizon;
That I also see.

But a bird?
Don't be absurd!

I see a grey, blotched wall
And an oddly-shaped window.
The top swoops down like a twister;
The left-hand side bears a startling resemblance
To a chimp begging for a kiss;
And, on the right, there's a hill
With an interesting cave.

I long to squeeze through that jagged window
And hover in that blue sky,
Like a bird.

But my own bird, not yours.

I'll pack my bags in the morning.


Bear Naked said...

Very interesting Brenda.

Bear((( )))

Linda Jacobs said...

Our perceptions are always so different! I love this lively poem and I can see you packing your suitcase!

paisley said...

very well done... and yes... i saw a bird........

not any more tho ;)

LA Nickers said...

Very clever and creative entries!

Thanks for participating at SIMPLY SNICKERS. Hope you will be back tomorrow for another prompt!


latree said...

I saw the bird. but when I read your describe other things, yeah I can finally see it too.

we see want we want to see.

Tammy Brierly said...

Delightful poem on different views!

Kat said...

Wow, you wiped the bird out of our eyes..!!!!