Wednesday, November 12, 2008

194. Quokka Query

An ABC WEDNESDAY entry for letter 'Q'.

(A"Q" entry can also be seen on my PLUS blog.)

As told in this little verse, the quokkas of the island off the coast of Western Australia were first thought to be rats. Hence the name 'Rats' Nest' or Rottnest as the Dutch named it. Now it is a very popular holiday destination, with not a rat in sight. Just lots of quokkas still enjoying life.

The second photograph is one I took last year, on holiday. The child is unknown.

A quokka asked a question,
(As quokkas often do.)
'This name, Rottnest, is a mystery;
Tell me, is it true
That way, way back in history, 
When the Europeans came,
They thought that we were little rats
So coined that 'Rats' Nest' name?'
Spoke the ghost of Willem de Vlamingh,
'I fear that it is so.
When I landed on the West Coast
Three hundred years ago,
I saw the tiny wallabies
But didn't understand
That they were small marsupials,
Natives of this land.
They ran about among the trees
And seemed to beg for food.
But I must agree that 'Rottnest' name
Was really rather rude.'
Said the quokkas 'We forgive you.
For we're famous, anyhow!
And the name of Rottnest Island
Stands for happy holidays now.
People travel to our island
From everywhere on earth.
And the folk of Western Australia
Enjoy days-out from Perth.
And still we run like pretty rats
In and out the trees
As the humans laze on our beaches
And swim in our turquoise seas.'


Doug P. Baker said...

What a cute poem! I had never heard of quokkas. Perhaps someday I'll meet one.

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

hello Brenda,
What a great kid its well taken (THE PHOTO) anyhow come see mine here:
Greetings JoAnn

Reader Wil said...

Again I learnt a new word: Quokka! I thought a wallaby was the smallest kangaroo! Quinkan country is Split Rock and other rock painting areas near Laura.

Winifred said...

Well I never, you live and learn. They're really tame.

Rune Eide said...

Quite neat!! :-)

Problems with Mr. Linky today, so you'll find me here.

Jane Hards Photography said...

New word of the day. I think will need a new RR dictionary.

photowannabe said...

Well I learned something new today. Thanks for an interesting post and a great Q word and amusing poem.

mannanan said...

Brilliant, just love it.

Bear Naked said...

Isn't ABC Wednesday educational?
Until today I had never heard about Quokkas.
Thanks for the lesson Brenda.

Bear((( )))

Rose said...

I've never heard of a quokka before! Thanks for the information, and as always, an interesting ABC post with another great poem!

Roger Owen Green said...

Me neither. Could be a good SCRABBLE word!
Oh, and yes, the ABC Wednesday IS WHACKED OUT. I put in at 126 and I show up TWICE, at 126 AND 61.

naturglede/Randi Lind said...

That was a cute poem and animal. Thank you for sharing:)Have a nice day. Love your music:)

Liz Hinds said...

What a cute little guy.

Oh, lovely song too. On days like these ...

Darlene said...

Quokkas? What an unusual name. I have never heard of it before either. Your cute poem explains it all.

Suburbia said...

I've never heard of these creatures before. They look quite cute (unlike rats!)

Katney said...

These are animals I have never heard of.

Tash said...

Holly quokkas! (got a ring to it - I'll try it out at work tomorrow to see how many people heard of them - I'm not expecting much of my fellow engineers though)
They seem very friendly & much, much prettier than cats.
That's a gorgeous bay too. Your summer is just around the corner.

kRiZcPEc said...

oh i love that beach!

Kat said...

Firstly, you look smart in the new picture posted :))))

mmmm... that's interesting.... managed to stop the shreik that nearly emerged seeing the quokka - after reading the head-notes (is that opposite of foot-notes?)