Friday, November 28, 2008

214. Ouch!


A response to the SIMPLY SNICKERS prompt.

My response to the SUNDAY SCRIBBLINGS prompt is number 216.


They glide and glimmer with golden grace
(That's put the buzz words in their place!)

Also 'in place' those gorgeous bustles!
Underneath the silk that rustles 
In colourful swathes of red or beige
There's a horrible sort of metal cage
That keeps their rear-ends nicely rounded
And causes us to be dumbfounded.
Imagine! When one longs to settle
On a seat, a piece of metal
Pierces one's dainty derriere
And causes one to wince and swear!
But did they swear in those long-lost days?
Did they even know  any fruity phrase?
Or did they merely smile sedately,
Still so ladylike, sweet and stately?
I bet they carried on a treat
When at last their outing was complete.
And when they reached some private place
They actually let themselves grimace!
When they'd stripped-off camisoles,
Corseting and folderoles;
When the flesh was on display
In a quite abandoned way,
Surely they had to scratch like mad!
And think of all the scars they had!
Folds and creases, fiery marks
One doesn't associate with parks.
In the park they looked so neat,
Straight-backed, elegant, and sweet.
Yet underneath chaos was reigning!
And not one lady was complaining!
And what of those gentleman that we see
Parading their masculinity?
When female bodies were revealed
And nothing any more concealed,
Did they say 'Alas! Alack!
I thought you had more at the back!'

(On a much more serious note turn to my PLUS blog for a telling cartoon.)


Merle said...

Dear Brenda ~~ Thank you for your visit and I am so glad that you enjoy
the jokes. We have had a couple of wet days which is great even the lawns greened up a bit. It hasn't been cold, just wet and after our long wait for rain, I am not complaining. Take care, my friend,
Love, Merle.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see that you are now recognising well known painters, and naming them! Thank you. I do feel that all artists, well known or not, should get a credit. Artists are so often taken for granted, unconsidered. It is so unfair!! Anonymous

Rinkly Rimes said...

Dear Anonymous,
I always try to please!!!

Kat said...

but but but....

don't the gentlemen close their eyes and turn their back ????

Sigh :)