Saturday, November 15, 2008

Extra! Extra!

My artist friend, Margaret Gosden, in New York, has asked me comment on her 'Janus' art-work, in verse. My cropping has been less than successful but maybe the poem will capture something for her.

How to capture the Now.
It does not exist.
As soon as one says the word
 Now has become Then.
 Janus looks to the past.
 Janus looks to the future.
And, in between, nothing,
Try to isolate that seeming line
And it will prove itself to be
Thin air.
There is nothing between past and future,
Except Now.
And Now does not exist.
All we can do is try to capture it,
In a poem,
Or a print.
With artificial thumb tacks
We can pin it down
As word or paint.
And say


anthonynorth said...

Enjoyed this, and I share your concern about now. I, too, don't think it exists.
There, I've said it then.

latree said...

now doesn't exist...
does future do?
because soon it will turn to now-- then then..

Kat said...

heh heh... you've now made everyone pull their hair about 'now' :)))))