Thursday, November 27, 2008

Opposite Attraction


Like oil and water this is not the simplest sort of mix!
'Home-body' meets 'High-Flyer'! A tricky one to fix.
There's Aries, dressed-up to the nines, longing to hit the town,

And Taurus saying ' Let's relax.' and 'Why don't you calm down?'
Taurus can be a solid mate, rather dull but stable,
And always with a  weather-eye beamed on the dinner-table.
Taurus is a manager; Aries likes to spend;
But maybe they can compromise and do well in the end.
Taurus can be possessive, which can cramp an Aries' style,
But Aries may like to be 'possessed', sometimes, for a while.
In bed they'll both be really great, but, sadly, in the morning
Aries may still find Taurus dull. That's when Aries will start yawning!
Aries enjoys a conversation, problems must be aired,
While Taurus can be so laid-back the soul is never bared.
This frustrates poor Aries, who often may explode,
And even, when things get extreme, Aries may hit the road!
But, if they hang-on long enough, Aries will come to see
That Taurus can be a steady sign to have in a family-tree.
The home will become a haven, not just a some 'gilded cage',
And this is a couple who may grow close.
Like wine, they'll improve with age!


Anonymous said...

Interesting topic you chose :)

Elizabeth said...

I loved the painting up top!
Yes, your friend should definitely continue painting!

Kat said...

Like wine, they'll improve with age! :))))))

That was summarized so well, in one line.

Waiting for Aries and Sagittarius with biting nails.

Jenny said...

Wow, what a neat post. Loved the artwork AND the writing!